General Election 2017 – podcasts

General Election 2017 – Podcasts 

Welcome to our collection of podcasts covering area of interest in the run-up to the election.

Most of these podcasts have been produced with funding from the Nuffield Foundation as part of its work to ensure public debate in the run-up to the General Election is informed by independent and rigorous evidence. For more information go to

  • “Is NHS funding in crisis?” – Prof Peter Dolton, NIESR Associate Research Director, talks to Paola Buonadonna

  • “Infrastructure in the UK: Time to rebuild?” – Amit Kara talks to Paola Buonadonna

  • “Some basic facts about immigration” – Associate Research Director Heather Rolfe talks to Paola Buonadonna

  • “The UK economic landscape ahead of the General Election” – NIESR economist James Warren talks to Paola Buonadonna