Why Corporate Membership?

By becoming a corporate member, you help us continue to shape, influence, and improve public policy through the provision of high-quality independent economic and social research.

Our research findings are frequently referred to by journalists, policy-makers and academics. Our work examines the effects government policies have on individuals, with our conclusions leading the public debate and providing insight that empowers people to understand the forces which affect their own lives.

Completely independent of all party-political interests, we receive no core funding from government or other sources.

How you can help

Almost all of our income is achieved through winning research grants, a testament to both the reputation and quality of the work that we undertake. However, to achieve lasting impact and examine the issues that matter now, we need your help. The income attained through corporate membership gives us the ability to quickly respond to policy announcements, challenge current thinking and hold governments to account.

How much does it cost?

Our subscription is £15,000 (plus VAT) per year.

Some of our current research

Gain insight:

  • Access to all the Institute’s research and analysis, including the well-respected quarterly UK and Global Economic Outlooks
  • A subscription to the National Institute Economic Review
  • Invitations to the Institute’s programmes of meetings, seminars, and roundtables
  • Invitations to networking events at the Institute, including but not limited to the Institute Annual Reception

Gain access:

  • Priority access to the Institute’s staff and modelling facilities, (including a designated number of days consulting time)
  • A private individual briefing by one of the senior researchers on a topic of the members choice.

Gain recognition:

  • Listing on the NIESR web site and in appropriate publications

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