Annual Research Report 2022

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research entered its 85th year of continuous commentary in 2022 and, at a time of great stress, contributed so effectively to the domestic and international policy arena.

NIESR has a long and distinguished history of incisive commentary on current policy issues. At a profoundly difficult time in 2022, its insights based on high-quality independent research have been more valuable than ever. The Institute’s modelling of the impact of higher energy and food prices proved especially valuable in helping government policy re-calibrate after Covid and for monetary policy to commence normalisation of Bank Rate.

The Annual Research Report records the output and impact generated by NIESR in the calendar year of 2022 and documents a major contribution to our knowledge in the past year. The Institute also continues to play a critical role in enhancing the UK’s research capacity and many of our staff go on to important policy-related jobs in academe, government or central banking. The energy and expertise of the institute’s research staff shine brightly in this account which is a great summary of their highly successful endeavours.