National Institute Economic Review: October 2001

Publication date: 30 Sep 2001 | Publication type: National Institute Economic Review

Issue 178: October 2001 (<a href="\pdf\178.pdf">view

summaries of the following articles</a>)<ul>

<li>The world economy

<li>The UK economy

<li>'Risk and equity market weakness: their implications for the world economy' by Ray Barrell

<li>'Developments in education and vocational training in Britain: Background note on recent research' by SJ Prais

<li>'Five years of the modern apprenticeship initiative: an assessment against continental European models' by Hilary Steedman

<li>'The role and use of vocational qualifications' by Michael Eraut

<li>'Apprenticeship in the British 'training market'' by Paul Ryan and Lorna Unwin


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