NIESR Occasional Papers, 1942-2004

From 1942 to 2004, NIESR produced 57 Occasional Papers. Over the years, subjects covered pension reform, productivity, migration, education and more.

Pub. Date
02 October, 2019
Pub. Type
NIESR Occasional Papers
Number Year Author Title
1 1942 Kuczynski, R The New Population Statistics
2 1943 Grebenik, E & Shannon, H The Population of Bristol
3 1943 Hicks, J & Hicks, U Standards of Local Expenditure
4 1943 Madge, C War-Time Pattern of Saving and Spending
5 1943 Singer, H W Standardised Accountancy in Germany
6 1944 Momtchiloff, N Ten Years Of Controlled Trade in South-Eastern Europe
7 1944 Hicks, J, Hicks, U & Leser, C The problem of valuation for rating
8 1945 Hicks, J & Hicks, U The incidence of local rates in Great Britain
9 1946 Kendall, M Contributions to the study of oscillatory time-series
10 1946 Derksen, J A system of national book-keeping, illustrated by the experience of the Netherlands economy
11 1948 Rostas, L Productivity, prices and distribution in selected British industries
12 1948 Deane, P The Measurement of Colonial National Incomes
13 1948 Rostas, L Comparative Productivity in British and American Industry
14 1952 Luttrell, W The Cost of Industrial Movement
15 1952 Hague, D & Newman, P Costs in Alternative Locations: The Clothing Industry
16 1953 Utting, J Social Accounts of Local Authorities
17 1954 Isaac, J British Post-War Migration
18 1956 Abel-Smith, B & Titmuss, R The cost of the National Health Service in England and Wales
19 1962 Florence, P Post-war investment, location and size of plant
20 1962 Barna, T Investment and growth policies in British industrial firms
21 1963 Neil, D Pricing and Employment in the Trade Cycle
22 1966 Jones, K & Paige, D Health and Welfare Services in Britain in 1975
23 1968 Miles, C Lancashire textiles: a case study of industrial change
24 1970 Jones, K & Smith, A The economic impact of commonwealth immigration
25 1971 Surrey, M The analysis and forecasting of the British economy
26 1973 Hart, P, Utton, M & Walshe, G Mergers and concentration in British industry
27 1974 Walshe, G Recent trends in monopoly in Great Britain
28 1975 Odea, J Cyclical indicators for the post war British economy
29 1977 Fieghen, G, Lansley, P & Smith,  A Poverty and progress in Britain 1953-73, a statistical study of low income households: their numbers, types and expenditure patterns
30 1979 Ray G, & Uhlmann, L The innovation process in the energy industries
31 1979 Utton, M Diversification and competition
32 1980 Clarke, R & Hart, P Concentration in British industry, 1935-75: a study of the growth, causes and effects of concentration in British manufacturing industries
33 1982 Creedy, J State pensions in Britain
34 1982 Smith, A, Hitchens, D & Davies, S International industrial productivity: A comparison of Britain, America and Germany
35 1983 Morgan, A & Utton, M Concentration and foreign trade
36 1984 Ray, G The diffusion of mature technologies
37 1985 Hitchens, D & Smith, A Productivity in the distributive trades: a comparison of Britain, America and Germany
38 1986 Utton, M Profits and stability of monopoly
39 1983 Britton, A The trade cycle in Britain 1958-1982
40 1987 Caves, R & Davies, S Britain's productivity gap
41 1987 Joyce, M & Levitt, M The growth and efficiency of public spending
42 1988 Morgan, A British imports of consumer goods: a study of import penetration 1974-85
43 1988 Hart, P Youth unemployment in Great Britain
44 1991 Ermisch, J Lone parenthood: An economic analysis
45 1992 Smith, A International financial markets: The performance of Britain and its rivals
46 1994 Oulton, N & O’Mahony, M Productivity and growth: A study of British industry, 1954-1986
47 1994 Hart, P & Mayes, D The Single Market Programme as a stimulus to change: Comparisons between Britain and Germany
48 1995 Prais, S Productivity, education and training: An international perspective
49 1996 Arrowsmith, J & Taylor, C Unresolved issues on the way to a single currency
50 1996 Young, G The influence of financial intermediaries on the behaviour of the UK economy
51 1998 Arrowsmith, J Thinking the unthinkable about EMU. Coping with turbulence between 1998 and 2002
52 1998 Jones, K Sixty years of economic research. A brief history of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research
53 1999 Barrell, R & Hubert, F Modern budgeting in the public sector: Treasury rules in a comparative context + Executive Summary
54 2001 Prais, S Social disparities and the teaching of literacy: Reflections following visits to Swiss and English schools to compare attainments and teaching methods in language and literacy
55 2002 Jarvis, V,  O'Mahony, M & Wessels, H Product quality, productivity and competitiveness
56 2003 Weale, M Pension reform : redistribution and risk
57 2004 Barrell, R, Holland, D & Pomerantz, O Integration, accession and expansion