A look back at NIESR FOSS week 2019

In recognition for its growing profile and its commitment to impact and engagement, NIESR was awarded an Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) from the Economic and Social Research Council in Spring of this year. As part of this, NIESR was delighted to host its first ever Festival of Social Sciences from 4th-9th November. With events ranging from the inaugural lectures of two brand new series to an open lecture on the emotional economics of football fans, it was an engaging and dynamic week. Some of the highlights are captured below.

On 4th November, we held our Inaugural Prais Lecture: How not to miss the productivity revival once again

Director of NIESR, Jagjit Chadha, opens the Inaugural Prais lecture Bart Van Ark delivers his lecture on “How not to miss the productivity revival once again”
Bark Van Ark received a medal to commemorate his role as the inaugural Sig Prais lecturer A packed house


On 6th November, we held our Inaugural Dow lecture: Do economists expect too much from expectations?

Jagjit Chadha introduces Martin Weale at the Inaugural Dow Lecture Martin Weale delivers his lecture, “Do Economists expect too much from expectations?”
Martin Weale received a medal to commemorate his role as the inaugural Christopher Dow lecturer Generations of the Dow family enjoy some NIESR hospitality!


On 7th November, Professor Peter Dolton held an open lecture on “Is it a bad idea to be a football fan?

Peter relaxes before giving his lecture on “Is it a bad idea to be a football fan?” Asking some difficult questions
No half-time oranges, just water! Post-match analysis

All photos © Tim Stubbs Hughes / Grey Swan