NIESR at the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference 2019

The Royal Economic Society’s Annual Conference is their flagship event, hosted in 2019 by the University of Warwick. It brings together hundreds of academic and professional economists to present the latest developments in economics and showcase their real-world application. NIESR, ESCoE and Rebuilding Macroeconomics was delighted to present the following:

Monday 15 April 

Session 6: Education 1

2. “Schooling Endogeneity and the Rate of Return to Education: A Copula Approach” By Peter Dolton; University of Sussex, Ali Skalli; Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2), presented by: Peter Dolton, University of Sussex (NIESR Research Director)
13.15-14-45, Oculus OC0.01

Session 10: Finance

2. “Currency Anomalies” By Sohnke Bartram; University of Warwick, Leslie Djuranovik; University of Warwick, Anthony Garratt; University of Warwick (NIESR Fellow), presented by: Anthony Garratt, University of Warwick (NIESR Fellow)
13.15-14.45, Social Sciences s2.79

Session 16: Macro: Prices

“Cloud Computing and National Accounting” by Diane Coyle; University of Cambridge, David Nguyen; NIESR, presented by: David Nguyen, NIESR
13.15-14.45, Oculus OC1.09

Tuesday 16 April

Session 67: Macro: Fiscal Policy

“Understanding and Confronting Uncertainty: Revisions to UK Government Expenditure Plans” by Jagjit Chadha; NIESR, Arno Hantzsche; NIESR, Thomas Lazarowicz; NIESR, Adrian Pabst; University of Kent, Garry Young; NIESR, presented by: Thomas Lazarowicz, NIESR
13.15-14.45, Social Sciences s0.11

Session 79: ESCoE & Data Science Campus Special Session: Economic Measurement with Big Data
1. “An open and data-driven taxonomy of skills extracted from online job adverts” By Jyldyz Djumalieva; Nesta, Cath Sleeman; Nesta, presented by: Jyldyz Djumalieva, Nesta. Discussant: Sandra McNally, University of Surrey

2. “Large-scale real world financial transaction microdata for national and local economic indicators”  By Louisa Nolan; UK Office for National Statistics, Oguz Sebnem; UK Office for National Statistics, presented by: Louisa Nolan, UK Office for National Statistics. Discussant: Garry Young, Director of Macroeconomic Modelling and Forecasting, NIESR

3. “Making text count for macroeconomics: what can UK daily newspapers tell us about the future of the economy?” By Eleni Kalamara; King’s College London, Sujit Kapadia; European Central Bank, George Kapetanios; King’s College London, Chris Redl; Bank of England, Arthur Turrell; Bank of England, presented by: Eleni Kalamara, King’s College London. Discussant: Grant Fitzner, Chief Economist, UK Office for National Statistics

Session Chair: Chris Giles, Financial TImes
17.00-18.30, Oculus OC0.04

Session 68: Management Practices and Productivity

1. “Management Practices and Productivity in UK Production and Services Industries” By Gaganan Awano; Office for National Statistics, Nicholas Bloom; Stanford University, Ted Dolby; ONS, Paul Mizen; University of Nottingham, Rebecca Riley; National Institute of Economic and Social Research, Tatsuro Senga; Queen Mary University of London, Jenny Vyas; ONS, Philip Wales; Official for National Statistics, presented by: Philip Wales, Official for National Statistics

2. “Picking from the top or shedding the bottom? Personnel management, worker quality and firm productivity” By Christopher Cornwell; University of Georgia, Ian Schmutte; University of Georgia, Daniela Scur; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presented by: Daniela Scur, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. “Public Sector HRM: Does It Work?” By Alex Bryson; UCL (NIESR Fellow), Michael White; University of Westminster, presented by: Alex Bryson, UCL (NIESR Fellow)

Session ChairAlex Bryson, UCL (NIESR Fellow)
13:15 to 14:45, Oculus OC0.03

Wednesday 17 April

Session 121: Measuring Welfare

2. “A Democratic Measure of National Income Growth for the United Kingdom, 2006- 2015. Methods and Estimates” By Andrew Aitken; National Institute of Economic & Social Research, presented by: Andrew Aitken, National Institute of Economic & Social Research
13:15 to 14:45, Oculus OC1.07

Session 128: Special Session: Attitudes towards immigrants and ethnic/religious minorities: the impact of salient events and social media

1. “The normative effect of the Brexit referendum and the rise in hate crime” By Facundo Albornoz; University of Nottingham (NIESR Fellow), Jake Bradley; University of Nottingham, Silvia Sonderegger; Notthingham, presented by: Silvia Sonderegger, Notthingham
15:15 to 16:45, Oculus OC0.03​

Session 131: Rebuilding Macroeconomics Special Session: Macroeconomics with Real World Uncertainty

1. “Radical Uncertainty; We see through a glass, darkly” By John Kay; Oxford University, Mervyn King; Bank of England, presented by: John Kay, Oxford University
2. “Macroeconomic Implications of the Sampling Brain” By Nick Chater; University of Warwick, presented by Adam Sanborn, University of Warwick
3. “Radical Complexity” By Jean-Philippe Bouchaud; Capital Fund Management, Roger Farmer; Warwick University (NIESR Research Director), presented by: Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Capital Fund Management
4. “Escaping from Model Land” By Erica Thompson; London School of Economics, presented by: Erica Thompson, London School of Economics

Session Chair: Angus Armstrong, Director of Rebuilding Macroeconomics
15.15-16.45, Oculus OC0.04