Evaluation of Mathematical Reasoning

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The Mathematical Reasoning programme, developed by Professor Terezinha Nunes and Professor Peter Bryant at the University of Oxford, develops children’s understanding of the logical principles underlying mathematics. A previous efficacy trial, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) showed the programme to have a positive impact on pupils’ mathematical attainment. This effectiveness trial, also funded by the EEF, aims to test whether the intervention can work at scale, where delivery is through a “train the trainers” model.


For this effectiveness trial the developers have adopted a more scalable “train the trainers” model and have partnered with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). Around 160 schools are participating in the trial,  recruited and trained through eight Maths Hubs, working with NCETM. The impact evaluation is assessing the impact of the programme on children’s attainment in mathematics at the end of Year 2, with assessments delivered by NatCen Social Research. In addition the process evaluation is exploring fidelity and exploring factors that may influence impact.

The evaluation is funded by the Education Endowment Foundation. It was completed in Spring 2018. More information about the project is available on the EEF website project page and you can read the final report here


Lucy Stokes
Principal Economist
Private: Hudson-Sharp, N
Senior Social Researcher
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Senior Social Researcher
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Associate Research Director for Employment and Social Policy