Conference and seminar output

Snakes and ladders in the youth labour market

presentation at Royal Economic Society 2012 conference, Cambridge

Modelling young people's labour market transitions

Presentation at the Department for Work and Pensions, London

See NIESR discussion paper 419

Beyond school leaving age: the first five years

Presentation to ACEVO Commission on Youth Unemployment, London

Reassessing the fiscal multiplier - EBEA Bank of England Conference

Recent literature questions the pre-crisis assessment of fiscal multipliers. This presentation considers the factors that determine the size of a multiplier, and why the magnitude of multipliers may differ now compared to pre-2008.

Macro-models and the medium term - The NIESR experience with NiGEM

Large scale macro-econometric models have been changing over the last two decades,

and they have been increasingly designed to investigate medium term problems

associated with the determinants of growth and the design of policy regimes. Macromodels

were constructed for forecasting purposes, and many forecasters have begun

Self-defeating austerity? - OFCE seminar

 - OFPresented at OFCE, Paris