Conference Slides: Productivity and Firm Growth

Publication date: 12 Nov 2014 | Publication type: Conference and seminar output | Theme: Trade, Investment & Productivity | NIESR Author(s): Bryson, A; Riley, R | External Author(s): Richard Harris (University of Durham)

This event was held at NIESR on Tuesday 11 November. It forms part of the NIESR-LLAKES project on the productivity puzzle. 

Agenda was as follows:




Introduction by Geoff Mason, LLAKES and National Institute of Economic and Social Research



Presentations and discussion

Post-recession productivity puzzles in Europe: a comparison of the UK, Germany, France and Spain
Alex Bryson (NIESR), John Forth (NIESR) and Philippe Askenazy (Paris School of Economics)

The UK productivity puzzle, 2008-2012: evidence using plant level estimates of total factor productivity
Richard Harris (University of Durham) and John Moffat (University of Durham)

Bank credit conditions and their influence on productivity growth: company-level evidence
Rebecca Riley (NIESR, CFM), Chiara Rosazza-Bondibene (NIESR, CFM) and Garry Young (Bank of England, CFM)