Mapping the Monetary and Financial Sectors, 1790-1850

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Summary & aims

The main purpose of this small pilot grant was to start exploring the microfiche data from the Gayer-Rostow-Schwartz volumes on the Growth and Fluctuations in the British Economy, 1790-1850. We have transcribed the series from Section III and from Section IV of the microfiche, which collected data in the 1930s and 1940s from a number of published sources. We have plotted the series and are making the series available to economic historians for research purposes. Our work on the management of debt and the process of co-ordinating monetary and fiscal policy in extreme war conditions remains in progress. But aspects have been presented at a conference in Professor Martin Weale’s honour at NIESR in January 2017, at the Royal Economic Society Conference at Bristol in April 2017 and will form a keynote address at the Money, Macro Finance Group Annual Conference at Kings College London in September 2017.

Findings and Recommendations


In our initial proposal we outlined four outputs:

  1. Quarterly Bulletin article at the Bank of England on the historical responses to debt overhangs in the 1820s, 1920s and 1950s;
  2. A research paper outlining the monetary and financial aspects of war finance;
  3. The publication of the dataset for use by the wider social science community;
  4. A small conference to announce the data set and promote further work on this period.

Dissemination of Data

  1. Via the websites at the Bank of England and NIESR
  2. To graduate students of economic history via seminars
  3. By presentations to learned societies.

End-Date of Project: March 31st 2017
End of Project Report: June 30th 2017

British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grant: SG150907

Principal Investigator