The role of the firm in the evolution of European social policy rules: the case of the UK constructi

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05 September, 1995
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This paper is one of a series that reports the results of research on the way in which companies influence, and respond to, rule setting in the single European market. The application of different areas of policy is studied in relation to different industries, as an aid to examining the introduction, implementation and impact of these rules.

European social policy has been a focus of particular attention and interest for politicians and industrialists in recent years. It covers EC regulation of working time, worker participation arrangements, acquired rights of employees in the case of a business transfer, the posting of workers abroad, health and safety at work and proof of employment contracts. While these are important in relation to many different industries and their operation, the construction industry is one which, by virtue of its distinctive nature and activities, is particularly affected in ways which it was felt would be appropriate to study in some depth. This paper focuses specifically on the application of social policy rules to the UK construction industry.

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