Changing the debate: video animation on the impact of immigration

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Summary & aims

Public understanding of evidence on the economic impacts of immigration is poor and strongly influenced by the media, impacting on public debate and the policy formulation process. Lack of understanding about the impacts of migration make it difficult for groups such as employers to explain their practices and concerns to policy makers and wider audiences. Video technology, combined with social media, offers the opportunity to send targeted, evidence-based messages, to audiences in ways which can influence thinking and debate.


Methods and outputs

With funding from the City of London, NIESR is working with a video production company to produce a video animation aimed at encouraging a more informed debate. In addition to employers and young people, it will be targeted at a wider audience of migration sceptics and those who lack accurate information about migration impacts, who form the majority of the British public. It will focus on the impacts of immigration, particularly on the labour market impacts but also on services.

The messages and format of the video will be tested through focus groups which will include employers, young people in school and the general public. This wider research project will add to current understanding of how attitudes towards immigration are influenced by both facts and opinion. It will also increase the impact of the project and the video.


The project began in June 2015 and was completed by October 2015 when we launched the video and published the associated research report.


Watch the video here