An Evaluation of Equality and Human Rights Commission’s ‘Is Britain Fairer 2018’

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Summary & aims

The purpose of this evaluation was to demonstrate the value of the ‘Is Britain Fairer 2018’ programme to the EHRC and its external stakeholders. The findings of this evaluation will inform the strategic direction and future work of the Commission, including future IBF reviews


Aims and Methods

The two main aims of this evaluation are:

  1. To understand the direct and indirect impact of IBF 2018 among internal and external stakeholders through an impact evaluation.
  2. To understand which elements of the IBF 2018 project, such as the reports, communications or stakeholder engagement, were most effective for different audiences.

There are three concurrent components to our methodology:

  • Survey research with external stakeholders to understand awareness and engagement with IBF 2018
  • Focus groups and interviews with internal and external stakeholders to understand the impacts of IBF 2018.
  • The ongoing synthesis and analysis of media and political monitoring data.

Timescale and funder

The evaluation is funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. It began in December 2018 and was completed in October 2019.